Mental Development

Mental Development: there are six crucial elements for the development of your mind:

1. Controlling your mental state
A mental state is a series of emotions, memories, mental and behavioral patterns. (For example, relaxation, anxiety, alertness, angriness, etc.) Identify your states of mind, and use it to your convenience.
When you are in a mental state of anger: regulate your emotions in order to go back to a state of calmness, break the mental state, get away, go for a walk, wash your face with cold water, take a deep breath, take your time and respond to the situation once you are balanced and calm.
The mental equation for making a good decision:
place: the right side of your brain (the emotional side), plus the left side of your brain (the logical side) = what gives you a balanced decision. You have access to all the information your mind posses’ when you are relaxed and balanced.
When you are constantly changing your state of mind, it’s inefficient, it is being very happy one second and angry the next, it is exhausting and it doesn’t allow you to think clearly.

Learn to put yourself in the best mental state for each decision and action you make/take.
I.E. if I’m going talk to somebody I have never met, I will put myself in a very, amicable, happy and tranquil state of mind. Protect yourself from mental states that are not beneficial to you such as, anger, fear, etc.

2. The power is in the focus:

when you pay attention, the circuits of your brain are open and active, ready to record and retain. As they connect with others, with constant repetition, these chemical connections become stable and change the prior mental structure, creating new patters as a result.

The law of attraction is based on the science or neurology; if you put a nail and a paperclip next to each other nothing happens. However, if you take a magnet and pass it over the nail several times from top to bottom, the nail becomes a magnetically attracted to the clip, why? Because the molecules of the nail and paperclip are now aligned in the same direction! The same thing happens with your energy and your mind: when your whole being is aligned and focused in the same direction, you have the power. The paradox is that you don’t attract what you want but what you are focused on. Everyone wants more money, why don’t they have it? Because they are focused on the lack scarcity and so they attract more of the same. If you focus on prosperity, you align your mind and energy towards prosperity. Your subconscious does not recognize positive or negative, solely what you are focused on. If you are focused on the negative, you get the negative, if you focus on the positive, you get the positive.
3. Visualizing changes you:

visualization is a form of preparing your future. It is to see with the power of your mind. It is to live it, smell it, and touch it as if it were real. Like as if you were living it already. To establish a vision, it takes effort, art, and science. When you program your subconscious mind through visualization, you are creating an image of the future that you will eventually fulfill. The brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination. The more detail your vision has the more it becomes embedded in your mind. Just by visualizing danger, your body prepares to either fight or run out of instinct. Have you seen black Mercedes in the last month? Visualize it, then close your eyes, see it with all the details from different angels. How does it feel? How does it smell? Etc. Now the next morning count how often you see one. The number of Mercedes didn’t change but now you are seeing more because you are focused on them. The same happens with your dreams. Therefore visualize and focus!
4. your brain changes internally; with new information

the moment you receive new information, a group of nerve connections is formed (neurons), if they constantly repeat they form a pathway to record, engrave, and form new habits according to the connections that they were created by.

5. Take action.

The world does not pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do. The action is compensated. To create new connections you need to leave your comfort zone and overcome the mental resistance to change. Successful people develop a plan and put it to action, even though it may not be perfect. But if the plan continues to move forward you will make the necessary adjustments. Experience is acquired through action, which pushes us to learn from our mistakes and allows us to improve our results.

6. Transform your identity
A new experience or idea, focused, consistent, and repeated, will stabilizes, and record the brain circuits used. The new mental state identifies the new activity, integrates it as part of your being and as a component of your identity. If it is not integrated it doesn’t take ownership of it and it is attributed to the circumstances. It does not adapt to it. Your mind…. Has a mind of its own! And you can change both by forming new brain circuits which will help you form new habits, focus you, and drive your energy in one direction: your dreams and the realization of a positive new you. You can do it! (si se puede)


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  1. yancy Mejia-chaj Says:

    Hi felmar this is Adan. I read your article it helps a lot, specially when there is a lot of circumstances you juggle with. Therefore, for me has been essential the information I pay attention to, that has been tremendously helpful. And is true it changes you.

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