The Media War

The Media War

    This is one of the most important issues, because we are bombarded with information in our lives that comes from the media and affects the way we think according to the information we capture and manage, if you look at it this way, we reach the following conclusion:

    What is our competition? Ourselves: Information we accept. What do we seek: freedom, How to get it: through leadership. What is leadership: positively influencing others to achieve a common goal. It is what it takes to obtain results: the situation in which you are in today is the result of the mental information you drive, we all come from a family environment, an ambiance, a school, friends etc. they have formed us to be what we are today and they are, much like us, influenced by the media: Radio, Television, Newspapers, Jobs, Internet, etc..
    Most values, beliefs and decisions are based on media reports that are focused on their interests and not ours. They use subliminal programming to program us and make us accept what is happening to us without realizing how it works, they do it as followed:

    1. They repeat what they want every so often accompanied by music and visual landscapes or something to penetrate our subconscious. For example they use beautiful girls to bring out emotions first and logic afterwards. It ends with the emotional to be accepted without thinking.

    2. They use the image of experts:
    Using athletes, scientists, artist, people assume subconsciously that if they accept it, then it is good enough for us. Without realizing it they limit what we decide, what we do, use, or have without having to think about it.

    3. Identification:
    they try to make you identify with the idea that its good for your family so that later on you will defend it (i.e. this car will make us happy and give me prestige)

    4. Scarcity:
    when something is scarce it becomes very valuable! They systematically use it making us believe that it is a limited edition so. (Making you more emotional about what you want) that is used not only to sell products but also for programming ideas, principles, values, etc.

    5. “However you think of it is how it shall be” you turn into the information you drive, to counter any influence TEAM / LIFE offers our medium: CDs, books, events, internet. Based on principles and values that lead to be the best version of you and the outcome you want from life. Because what you think, feel, and realize (materialize) will become a daily reality in your life.

    The competition is strong: how many hours of television do you watch, how many hours of reading, how many radio programs or music do you listen to, how many CD’s, many parties, few events, opens, seminars, leadership. The result will be directly proportional to the approach you decide: slavery or freedom.

    When you’re with us in this war, you’re going to develop as a person and you will begin to influence others, other families, other cities, other states, and countries. You will begin to regain the principles and values to lift our community. With our system you get this information:

    1. Self-image (thinking of yourself)
    2. Attitude (thinking about others)
    3. Perspective of life (thinking about the world in general)


    Media: Limited: filtered through fear: ignorance, doubt, insecurity results: negative

    Team / LIFE: Unlimited: knowledge, love, courage, respect, faith, and confidence, the results: positive

    When you turn off the TV or radio and turn on the cd’s and read books, you begin to have a better self-image that determines your results in life!

    Our raw material is people in this life! If we invest in CD’s, books, and events, it will be easier for them to get what they want and as a result you’ll get yours.

    For growth there has to be people, for there to be people we must confidence, for us to be confident there must be leadership & training, for leadership there must be union, for there to be union there has to be planning, for planning there must be order, for order to be present there must be long-term vision and for that vision to be realized there must be commitment (to your dream) what is yours?

    If you implement our information system and use it to fight the media war the system will begin to give clues for improvement that help you be successful.

    Keys to success:
    1. Take responsibility for your life (creator of your destiny)
    2. Take action (what you want wants you, but only with action will it come to you)
    3. Have a burning desire (the dream you want)
    4. Set goals – (turns invisible to visible)
    5. Plan of action (if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail)
    6. Paying the price (success is not on a special discount)
    7. Be persistent (every day until you get it!)
    8. Having beliefs (if you think you can then you can!)
    9. Learn from your mistakes (there are no failures only lessons)
    10. Visualize (imagine it with your mind’s eye.)

    So get ready because it is in your hands, all information that enters your mind affects the way you think, which determines how you act and that takes you to live as you live. But you have a choice: Listen to the media, and that includes family. Or select the information you put in your mind every day, which if comes from people and systems with measurable results, will take you to achieve whatever is important to you and your family. Join this cause because it is a war that we are to win to benefit more families, so that everybody moves forward together as a community to progress the development and Abundance of us all.

    Greetings: Felmar


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