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Changing your way of thinking

May 19, 2012

Changing your way of thinking (mindset)

Who would like to change for the better? We are products of what we think and we think according the information gathered, nothing happens by accident. Required; time investment and consistency, you grow day by day to become better.



We are in each quadrant, to get out of each one of them is a matter of information that makes us change our way of thinking (mindset).

Education costs money but not as much as ignorance – as a man thinks so shall it be!
I have seen many people leading a miserable life by staying with their way of thinking, as I have seen some change their thinking and thus change the results in all areas of your life: Faith, Finance, Health, Relationships, Leadership, Happiness, Family and Freedom. How do you manage to change your way of thinking? By changing the information! à TEAM / LIFE by the use of cd’s, books, events, having a mentor, and team offers all of that. More daily activity in the application of learning, educating ourselves more, more education to others, will take you to hasten the result you’re looking for.

Success starts from within and manifests outside. I always build twice, first mentally and then materially, the outer is a reflection of the inner.

Four simple steps to change your way of thinking:

1. Believe in yourself

You were born a winner, you have a purpose in your life, you have talents and skills that our system will develop, use them and apply them in your daily life.

2. Replace negative thoughts with positive

Your thoughts predict your future (you’re a prophet) think it and it shall become reality. In 3 weeks you can change your way of thinking, habits, and as a consequence change your life. We need more accurate information that reaches our subconscious through cds, books, seminars and association with successful people to achieve rapid progress.

3. Displays

He begins to see in your mind every day, write down your dreams and live them every day mentally, allows those images to schedule your results and do not accept otherwise, the mental image that daily programs that materializes in your life every day.

4. Talk with yourself

Think positive affirmations: if a friend came to ask your advice what would you say? Well the same way you’d advise your friend you should advise yourself. it begins by making a habit of listening to more CDs, talking positively, focusing on your dream, positive thinking is the first step of faith which is the extension of your dream.

Practice them daily and see the total change in your life


Six steps to think like the 5%.

1. 5% Think: I am responsible, I do nothing just happens I make it happen, I’m at the wheel of the car not anybody else. (Create wealth), when I accept, responsibility begins to happen.

95% thinks, is the fault of others, I am a victim it’s never my fault (creates poverty), waiting for someone to do it for me, it will never happen.

2. 5% think and act: Play to win, think wealth, think investment, take risks, failure is just a learning experience. Success is always after the last failure.

95% think and act not to lose, to survive, just to defend what they have, they pay what they can, the fear of failure stops them, the paralyzing fear of not winning.

3. 5% think and are committed to his/her; dream, family, community, and know what they want and expect to get. Has a daily focus for a specific result.

95% think: no commitment, poverty does not require any commitment, want not to know, go with the flow, and follow whatever path leads nowhere. The lack of a definitive specific goal leads aimlessly like a ship without direction.

4. 5% think big! Looking for how to help thousands of people, take the eye of off themselves, they forget the; I, me, mine, happened to me, because they know it’s not about you it’s about others and their greatness and abundance.


95% think small, focused on themselves confined to their little world, without vision, without faith, selfishness makes them limited to the size of themselves.

5.  5% think and are bigger than their problems, focus on the solution, grow as individuals to solve most situations, for example on a scale of 1-10 when you have grown internally and are 10 you beat any situation that gets in your way and you know you can learn from it.

95% think and see the biggest problems. They do not want the responsibility, sacrifice of personal growth, avoids conflict instead of facing them, the negative thinking paralyzes them in any situation and has them choose to leave.

6. 5% think and focus on opportunities, believes in his/her abilities, potential, in reward, and have creativity and wonder how we will win. Because he knows that success is about accepting the challenge and taking the risk.

95% think and focus on the negative, as if they already lost, do not think they can, ask how much will we pay? They are afraid. Programmed to find what is wrong in every situation, they give themselves no chances for success so that they grow farther and farther away from having faith, or being open to new opportunities.

So by changing the way we think we get the 5% mentality as a result, which gives us the result of the 5%: Physical balance, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Development in the eight areas that is promoted through Team / Life will take you to have a full, rich, and happy life. Give your family the legacy of principles and values necessary to achieve the success that you’re looking for!

Sincerely Felmar



The Media War

March 14, 2012

The Media War

    This is one of the most important issues, because we are bombarded with information in our lives that comes from the media and affects the way we think according to the information we capture and manage, if you look at it this way, we reach the following conclusion:

    What is our competition? Ourselves: Information we accept. What do we seek: freedom, How to get it: through leadership. What is leadership: positively influencing others to achieve a common goal. It is what it takes to obtain results: the situation in which you are in today is the result of the mental information you drive, we all come from a family environment, an ambiance, a school, friends etc. they have formed us to be what we are today and they are, much like us, influenced by the media: Radio, Television, Newspapers, Jobs, Internet, etc..
    Most values, beliefs and decisions are based on media reports that are focused on their interests and not ours. They use subliminal programming to program us and make us accept what is happening to us without realizing how it works, they do it as followed:

    1. They repeat what they want every so often accompanied by music and visual landscapes or something to penetrate our subconscious. For example they use beautiful girls to bring out emotions first and logic afterwards. It ends with the emotional to be accepted without thinking.

    2. They use the image of experts:
    Using athletes, scientists, artist, people assume subconsciously that if they accept it, then it is good enough for us. Without realizing it they limit what we decide, what we do, use, or have without having to think about it.

    3. Identification:
    they try to make you identify with the idea that its good for your family so that later on you will defend it (i.e. this car will make us happy and give me prestige)

    4. Scarcity:
    when something is scarce it becomes very valuable! They systematically use it making us believe that it is a limited edition so. (Making you more emotional about what you want) that is used not only to sell products but also for programming ideas, principles, values, etc.

    5. “However you think of it is how it shall be” you turn into the information you drive, to counter any influence TEAM / LIFE offers our medium: CDs, books, events, internet. Based on principles and values that lead to be the best version of you and the outcome you want from life. Because what you think, feel, and realize (materialize) will become a daily reality in your life.

    The competition is strong: how many hours of television do you watch, how many hours of reading, how many radio programs or music do you listen to, how many CD’s, many parties, few events, opens, seminars, leadership. The result will be directly proportional to the approach you decide: slavery or freedom.

    When you’re with us in this war, you’re going to develop as a person and you will begin to influence others, other families, other cities, other states, and countries. You will begin to regain the principles and values to lift our community. With our system you get this information:

    1. Self-image (thinking of yourself)
    2. Attitude (thinking about others)
    3. Perspective of life (thinking about the world in general)


    Media: Limited: filtered through fear: ignorance, doubt, insecurity results: negative

    Team / LIFE: Unlimited: knowledge, love, courage, respect, faith, and confidence, the results: positive

    When you turn off the TV or radio and turn on the cd’s and read books, you begin to have a better self-image that determines your results in life!

    Our raw material is people in this life! If we invest in CD’s, books, and events, it will be easier for them to get what they want and as a result you’ll get yours.

    For growth there has to be people, for there to be people we must confidence, for us to be confident there must be leadership & training, for leadership there must be union, for there to be union there has to be planning, for planning there must be order, for order to be present there must be long-term vision and for that vision to be realized there must be commitment (to your dream) what is yours?

    If you implement our information system and use it to fight the media war the system will begin to give clues for improvement that help you be successful.

    Keys to success:
    1. Take responsibility for your life (creator of your destiny)
    2. Take action (what you want wants you, but only with action will it come to you)
    3. Have a burning desire (the dream you want)
    4. Set goals – (turns invisible to visible)
    5. Plan of action (if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail)
    6. Paying the price (success is not on a special discount)
    7. Be persistent (every day until you get it!)
    8. Having beliefs (if you think you can then you can!)
    9. Learn from your mistakes (there are no failures only lessons)
    10. Visualize (imagine it with your mind’s eye.)

    So get ready because it is in your hands, all information that enters your mind affects the way you think, which determines how you act and that takes you to live as you live. But you have a choice: Listen to the media, and that includes family. Or select the information you put in your mind every day, which if comes from people and systems with measurable results, will take you to achieve whatever is important to you and your family. Join this cause because it is a war that we are to win to benefit more families, so that everybody moves forward together as a community to progress the development and Abundance of us all.

    Greetings: Felmar


February 13, 2012


Habit- an acquired behavior pattern, doing it until it has become almost involuntary, automatically done. Is programming in your mind as a machine – since the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night we do hundreds of things the same way, routinely. I.E: brushing your teeth, washing yourself taking a shower, etc.

Habits always have consequences, if they are positive then you are going to be rewarded, if they are negative you are punished. If you keep doing what you have been doing you keep getting what you have been getting. Successful people and non successful people have something in common, their habits.
95% of people are poor and 5% are wealthy and successful  habits are the reason for both.
So your future depends on our habits today. We are all formed of habits, they make us the way we are and they will define your future. When you have bad habits, you get a bad future, if you have great habits, you get a great future. The successful people take actions which forms the habit of doing what the failing people aren’t. Start for believing that is good for you, then you act and the action have specific results that change your life style

Believe -> decision -> action -> results = life style.

Life is nothing more than the sum total of many successful years, a successful year is the sum of successful months, and successful months are the sum of successful weeks which is the sum of successful days. So practicing good habits every day is the best way to get a brilliant future. I know, it is easier said than done, but it is in your hands.

How would your life change if you could change your habits, do you have one that you want to eliminate? No matter what your goals are in life you have to create what you want by taking action in that direction. Ask yourself about the habits that you have, if they are getting you closer to your dream or if they are taking you away from your dream

For example: are you on time? Do you read every day? Do you talk when you should listen? Do you listen to audios? Do you plan do, check and adjust?

The findings of psychological research determine that habits develop through repetition and reward, very little thought is involved. So you don’t have to think about it.
So in order for you to change a habit you must repeat an action for 21 days. Your mind loves repetition, it is something familiar and we know the results. The small decisions that we make every day become the habits that take us to the long term results.

Changing a habit is going to take time because you don’t register the information that is not in your beliefs “you see what you believe” like when you see an old friend that you have not seen for years, then your brain uses the connections in the nerve system that its used before (it is not the same person in your mind) we respond to the old information (old connections). When we change our actions we create a new connection when we repeat that action we form a new habit.

To really make a true change, you need:
1. dream -> of high impact! (the feeling, the desire to do, the consequences, etc)
2. Frequency of the action – repetition
3. A good feeling – results – rewards.
Technique: pick an action (read for 30 min every day. Listen to people, dream every day) do it for 21 days, focus on that one action, just do 2 to 3 a month and you will change your life.
A successful thought repeated creates a successful action, which repeated creates a successful habit, which repeated creates a successful life!
These are some of the habits that will change your life:

1. Listen to a audio ever day
2. Read at least 30 minutes a day
3. Attend the business meetings, seminars, and educational meetings – its positive association.
4. Contact people to create new relationships.
5. Share the information with others, give more to receive more.
6. Visualization – visualize 15 minutes a day.(the mental picture of the life that you want)

You can change your habits:
1. Believe that you can change, have faith, control yourself and bring out the good in you.
2. Understand the consequences – if we don’t change ( how is your future going to turn out? What about your dream? Is it worth it?)
3. Rewards. do something that you love!
4. Be consistent, don’t make excuses, and remember 21 days of everyday action.
5. Accept your failures and keep going.
6. Set a new habit to change at least 3 a month – list them off.
Give yourself time to start new action and they will become your new habits and with them your dreams are getting closer; faith, family, finances, following, fitness, friends, fun, and freedom.
Who wants to be free!?
Freedom; if you are willing to change, it is yours!



January 21, 2012

Hello, I have been revising some books, articles and information from various sources. I found something very valuable for everybody that can help our mental development and to help us make the necessary changes to reach a state of peace and harmony. This is a summarization of those articles and passages.

Mental Development

January 21, 2012

Mental Development: there are six crucial elements for the development of your mind:

1. Controlling your mental state
A mental state is a series of emotions, memories, mental and behavioral patterns. (For example, relaxation, anxiety, alertness, angriness, etc.) Identify your states of mind, and use it to your convenience.
When you are in a mental state of anger: regulate your emotions in order to go back to a state of calmness, break the mental state, get away, go for a walk, wash your face with cold water, take a deep breath, take your time and respond to the situation once you are balanced and calm.
The mental equation for making a good decision:
place: the right side of your brain (the emotional side), plus the left side of your brain (the logical side) = what gives you a balanced decision. You have access to all the information your mind posses’ when you are relaxed and balanced.
When you are constantly changing your state of mind, it’s inefficient, it is being very happy one second and angry the next, it is exhausting and it doesn’t allow you to think clearly.

Learn to put yourself in the best mental state for each decision and action you make/take.
I.E. if I’m going talk to somebody I have never met, I will put myself in a very, amicable, happy and tranquil state of mind. Protect yourself from mental states that are not beneficial to you such as, anger, fear, etc.

2. The power is in the focus:

when you pay attention, the circuits of your brain are open and active, ready to record and retain. As they connect with others, with constant repetition, these chemical connections become stable and change the prior mental structure, creating new patters as a result.

The law of attraction is based on the science or neurology; if you put a nail and a paperclip next to each other nothing happens. However, if you take a magnet and pass it over the nail several times from top to bottom, the nail becomes a magnetically attracted to the clip, why? Because the molecules of the nail and paperclip are now aligned in the same direction! The same thing happens with your energy and your mind: when your whole being is aligned and focused in the same direction, you have the power. The paradox is that you don’t attract what you want but what you are focused on. Everyone wants more money, why don’t they have it? Because they are focused on the lack scarcity and so they attract more of the same. If you focus on prosperity, you align your mind and energy towards prosperity. Your subconscious does not recognize positive or negative, solely what you are focused on. If you are focused on the negative, you get the negative, if you focus on the positive, you get the positive.
3. Visualizing changes you:

visualization is a form of preparing your future. It is to see with the power of your mind. It is to live it, smell it, and touch it as if it were real. Like as if you were living it already. To establish a vision, it takes effort, art, and science. When you program your subconscious mind through visualization, you are creating an image of the future that you will eventually fulfill. The brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination. The more detail your vision has the more it becomes embedded in your mind. Just by visualizing danger, your body prepares to either fight or run out of instinct. Have you seen black Mercedes in the last month? Visualize it, then close your eyes, see it with all the details from different angels. How does it feel? How does it smell? Etc. Now the next morning count how often you see one. The number of Mercedes didn’t change but now you are seeing more because you are focused on them. The same happens with your dreams. Therefore visualize and focus!
4. your brain changes internally; with new information

the moment you receive new information, a group of nerve connections is formed (neurons), if they constantly repeat they form a pathway to record, engrave, and form new habits according to the connections that they were created by.

5. Take action.

The world does not pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do. The action is compensated. To create new connections you need to leave your comfort zone and overcome the mental resistance to change. Successful people develop a plan and put it to action, even though it may not be perfect. But if the plan continues to move forward you will make the necessary adjustments. Experience is acquired through action, which pushes us to learn from our mistakes and allows us to improve our results.

6. Transform your identity
A new experience or idea, focused, consistent, and repeated, will stabilizes, and record the brain circuits used. The new mental state identifies the new activity, integrates it as part of your being and as a component of your identity. If it is not integrated it doesn’t take ownership of it and it is attributed to the circumstances. It does not adapt to it. Your mind…. Has a mind of its own! And you can change both by forming new brain circuits which will help you form new habits, focus you, and drive your energy in one direction: your dreams and the realization of a positive new you. You can do it! (si se puede)

New One Time Cash Award Bonuses

January 12, 2012

We said we would launch a company that would position itself in space never before occupied. We said we would deliver world class life-improvement materials. We said those materials would be the highest value products in their market. And finally, we said we’d make a pay plan that put 70% or more of total revenue into the field.


Friday night, in front of a live audience both in Lansing, Michigan and tuning in on video streaming from around the country, Orrin Woodward rolled out the One Time Cash Awards for the fiscal year 2012. This is sooner than we had once thought practical, but the founders of LIFE wanted to get these out as soon as possible so LIFE members could maximize their 2012 incomes. Here’s what LIFE members can earn when they hit the following levels for the first time during the 2012 fiscal year (which corresponds to the calendar year).

Leader 6 – which is six months (with at least 3 in a row) as a qualified Leader (either 15,000 total PV if you have no one under you who is also at 15,000 or at least 6,000 total PV (including your outside legs, personal volume, and customer volume) outside of that first leg if someone in that first leg is at 15,000 or above) receives $3,000

Leader 12 (this means you would have to start qualifying in January) receives $8,000

Coordinator 6 receives $4,000

Coordinator 12 receives $10,000

Sr. Coordinator 6 receives $10,000

Sr. Coordinator 12 receives $25,000

Life Coach 6 receives $30,000

Life Coach 12 receives $80,000

Executive Life Coach 6 receives $50,000

Executive Life Coach 12 receives $125,000

Double Life Coach 6 receives $75,000

Double Life Coach 12 receives $200,000

Triple Life Coach 6 receives $100,000

Triple Life Coach 12 receives $250,000

These OTCA’s are an extra bonus we will announce each year.

The way to qualify for them is to take your December 2011 achievement as a baseline. For instance, if you hit Leader in December, then you can begin qualifying for the Leader OTCA’s in 2012. If you hit Coordinator in December of 2011, then you can begin qualifying for the Coordinator OTCA’s for 2012 (but not for any of the OTCA’s below that level). As you move up through the ranks during 2012, you can accumulate the bonuses.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you qualify as a Leader in January 2012. Then you continue qualifying through the entire year, but in July you also move up to the Coordinator level and hold it through the end of the year (thereby hitting Coordinator for 6 months). In this case you would accumulate three OTCA’s: $3,000 for Leader 6, $8,000 for Leader 12, and $4,000 for Coordinator 6. Your total OTCA’s for 2012, on top of all your other monthly LIFE bonuses, would therefore be $15,000!

This all means that January is a hugely important month for you! If you can attain to at least the Leader level, you are setting yourself up for some big bucks in 2012!

So set some goals now! Get to work and start hitting those volume heights and earning for yourself the LIFE you’ve always wanted! It’s here!


December 29, 2011


The information shared with you here is to assist you in your personal growth and development.  I do not pretend to know everything, but I do intend to assist in the quest for personal growth. Which will lead us to a better version of ourselves and hopefully guide you to your mission.  Over time, with the right books and association, we begin to develop a more positive attitude, which will allow us to become better people and help others better themselves. There are certain principles we must follow when looking to improve our lives. Our first topic is, Attitude.


December 29, 2011


You are not what you think you are, but what you think… is what you are!

It’s your mental filter that determines how you perceive the world, it’s your point of view on any situation and it’s composed of:

  1.  What you think
  2.  What you feel
  3.  and what you do

It’s what we feel

the emotion determines how we respond (sadness, happiness, stress, anxiety, etc.), but if we learn to dominate what we think, if we change the thought, we change the feeling and the response. For example if you have a car with a flat tire, You can choose what feeling to take on: positive or negative, reward or punishment. Because you cannot control the circumstances but you can control your thoughts.

If we  enter a room and there is a light bulb illuminating brightly, what happens when we cover the light bulb with a red shade – what color do you see the light in the room now? RED! If we cover it with a green shade? What does the room look like ?  Green! That is how attitude works; it is the colored crystal through which we view things. Eg, It’s like looking through dirty window, nothing is clear.


Imagine that you have sunglasses on and are looking at a blank piece of paper, what color is the paper? Dark green. Your team tells you that it’s white, but you see it dark green.  If you’d take off the sunglasses you’d see that it is actually white. This happens with a few of us when it comes to this program, all we see is darkness, we have negative attitudes, and it’s the information system of Team that helps us find the path; CD’s, Books, Events, and a mentor that can set the example that will change your outlook. Team provides different crystal to see things through, and it helps you start practicing positive mental attitude. It’s not what happens that matters; it’s how you react to what happens!

For the most part attitude is contagious. Like laughter, happiness is transmitted before you speak. Your posture, words, and sounds reflect in the behavior of others. With the right system comes stronger training, better attitude, and more growth, it removes ego, and gives you unlimited potential.

Benefits of a Positive Attitude

1.     People with positive mental attitudes attract more people. People feel better around a positivity and are infected with joy.

2.    People with a positive mental attitude develop the ability to reach whatever they desire, they focus on solutions and not problems, they see the things from a good and happy perspective.

3.   People with positive mental attitudes feel happier, have less stress, and the ability to advance and live longer.

4.   People with a positive mental attitude, Learn to love & respect themselves and develop self esteem that is critical for growth.

Suggestions for Developing a Great Attitude:

  • Enthusiasm It Initiates momentum. Eg: say “I am Free!” to yourself everyday
  • Self Motivation (Dreaming big) Stay focused it helps to keep the right attitude
  • Concrete goals set goals every day, every week, every month it will help your daily attitude
  • Action To get results you need to develop persistent habits. You didn’t fail, just got different results while learning. keep a winners attitude!

Rules To Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

1.    Don’t Judge the day because of the weather (you can’t control it, and that doesn’t determine your attitude)

2.    Wake up enthusiastically. This day is the best of my life!

3.    Don’t let what’s out of our hands control your composure.

4.    You turn into what you are constantly thinking. Think positive, be positive, and you will get positive results.

5.    What you tell yourself is a form of programming. Eg: You are who you are and your results are the outcome of the information that you have put in your mind. If you want to change the result, change the information => Team/life.

6.    Change the manner of which we view others (You see them with fear, they return the fear, it’s a projection of our enthusiasm and attitude => how do you greet people? How do you shake hands?

7.   Having a clear vision impacts our attitude and focus towards something definite.

8.   Having the attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the little things. Recognizing the beauty of the universe.

9.   Learn to appreciate the problems. These are signals that we are growing. The bigger the problem the bigger the growth.

10.   Have big expectations – thinking big influences your life & make things happen, it is the difference between success & failure.

Learn to think positive

1.    Live with happiness. (the desire to learn and be a better person helps your health and life balances)

2.    Take care of your mental and physical health. Information and experience = wisdom

3.   Love one and other. Being unloving causes maladjustment’s emotionally and mentally, it affects you and those who surround you – it’s contagious like leprosy

4.    You can stop the clock but can’t stop time! So “what are you waiting for” today is a new day.

5.    The results depend on you, so take advantage and live everyday like it was your last (average length of life 27,500 days)

6.    Practice one virtue, one value, (forgiveness, thankfulness, generosity, helping, a hug, etc.) everyday.

7.    Once a week, appreciate your family, friends, co workers, couples and acknowledge the good and positive of everyone (even the mother in law lol).

8.    Once a week make an inventory of the good things that you’ve done, things you have shared or things that have happened to you.

9.    Concentrate on all the good and the positive that you posses and enjoy.

10.    You should be responsible for yourself. The answers are within you, fix the inside and it will reflect on the outside.

It is all in your hands, the only way to advance is to take action – CD’s, Books, Events, accompanied with a dream will give you results. Change your attitude and change your life, it’s time to take control.  Believe in yourself, and believe in others. Persist, act, and project, and we will be together on the path to success!


Felmar C. Montenegro