Changing your way of thinking

Changing your way of thinking (mindset)

Who would like to change for the better? We are products of what we think and we think according the information gathered, nothing happens by accident. Required; time investment and consistency, you grow day by day to become better.



We are in each quadrant, to get out of each one of them is a matter of information that makes us change our way of thinking (mindset).

Education costs money but not as much as ignorance – as a man thinks so shall it be!
I have seen many people leading a miserable life by staying with their way of thinking, as I have seen some change their thinking and thus change the results in all areas of your life: Faith, Finance, Health, Relationships, Leadership, Happiness, Family and Freedom. How do you manage to change your way of thinking? By changing the information! à TEAM / LIFE by the use of cd’s, books, events, having a mentor, and team offers all of that. More daily activity in the application of learning, educating ourselves more, more education to others, will take you to hasten the result you’re looking for.

Success starts from within and manifests outside. I always build twice, first mentally and then materially, the outer is a reflection of the inner.

Four simple steps to change your way of thinking:

1. Believe in yourself

You were born a winner, you have a purpose in your life, you have talents and skills that our system will develop, use them and apply them in your daily life.

2. Replace negative thoughts with positive

Your thoughts predict your future (you’re a prophet) think it and it shall become reality. In 3 weeks you can change your way of thinking, habits, and as a consequence change your life. We need more accurate information that reaches our subconscious through cds, books, seminars and association with successful people to achieve rapid progress.

3. Displays

He begins to see in your mind every day, write down your dreams and live them every day mentally, allows those images to schedule your results and do not accept otherwise, the mental image that daily programs that materializes in your life every day.

4. Talk with yourself

Think positive affirmations: if a friend came to ask your advice what would you say? Well the same way you’d advise your friend you should advise yourself. it begins by making a habit of listening to more CDs, talking positively, focusing on your dream, positive thinking is the first step of faith which is the extension of your dream.

Practice them daily and see the total change in your life


Six steps to think like the 5%.

1. 5% Think: I am responsible, I do nothing just happens I make it happen, I’m at the wheel of the car not anybody else. (Create wealth), when I accept, responsibility begins to happen.

95% thinks, is the fault of others, I am a victim it’s never my fault (creates poverty), waiting for someone to do it for me, it will never happen.

2. 5% think and act: Play to win, think wealth, think investment, take risks, failure is just a learning experience. Success is always after the last failure.

95% think and act not to lose, to survive, just to defend what they have, they pay what they can, the fear of failure stops them, the paralyzing fear of not winning.

3. 5% think and are committed to his/her; dream, family, community, and know what they want and expect to get. Has a daily focus for a specific result.

95% think: no commitment, poverty does not require any commitment, want not to know, go with the flow, and follow whatever path leads nowhere. The lack of a definitive specific goal leads aimlessly like a ship without direction.

4. 5% think big! Looking for how to help thousands of people, take the eye of off themselves, they forget the; I, me, mine, happened to me, because they know it’s not about you it’s about others and their greatness and abundance.


95% think small, focused on themselves confined to their little world, without vision, without faith, selfishness makes them limited to the size of themselves.

5.  5% think and are bigger than their problems, focus on the solution, grow as individuals to solve most situations, for example on a scale of 1-10 when you have grown internally and are 10 you beat any situation that gets in your way and you know you can learn from it.

95% think and see the biggest problems. They do not want the responsibility, sacrifice of personal growth, avoids conflict instead of facing them, the negative thinking paralyzes them in any situation and has them choose to leave.

6. 5% think and focus on opportunities, believes in his/her abilities, potential, in reward, and have creativity and wonder how we will win. Because he knows that success is about accepting the challenge and taking the risk.

95% think and focus on the negative, as if they already lost, do not think they can, ask how much will we pay? They are afraid. Programmed to find what is wrong in every situation, they give themselves no chances for success so that they grow farther and farther away from having faith, or being open to new opportunities.

So by changing the way we think we get the 5% mentality as a result, which gives us the result of the 5%: Physical balance, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Development in the eight areas that is promoted through Team / Life will take you to have a full, rich, and happy life. Give your family the legacy of principles and values necessary to achieve the success that you’re looking for!

Sincerely Felmar



2 Responses to “Changing your way of thinking”

  1. yancy Mejia-chaj Says:

    This is great what a learning moment now comes the best part to apply it on oneself to achieve what we want
    Thank You

  2. Carl & Rosa Buchanan Says:

    Felmar & Sandra,

    Your a fantastic couple that really makes us re-think what we think is the correct approach. Your way of re-framing what we think we understand is thought provoking and stimulating.

    Rosa & I love what you have learned from mentor-ship and how you teach and love with your words and actions. Thanks for the skills you share with all of us. Most importantly your faith and kindness.


    Carl & Rosa Buchanan

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